Trashing websites…

Well that was fun. I had to upgrade the version of Linux on the VPS that runs this and the valves website. WordPress is happy with the new o/s but changes to PHP, Apache and MySQL trashed the valve museum site.

First off, mysql_ is gone, enter mysqli_. I knew this already but I had not picked up on the fact that there is now no replacement for mysql_result. And I used it often. There is also the fact that the upgrade did not install PHP7 so I had to get that installed, plus the apache and MySQL glue. But that was the easy part.

Ok so I got past that with a temporary solution of writing my own mysqli_result() function with the help of a suitable Google search.

Then one SQL query did not work because MySQL now wants any variable that you use in a several to be present in the selected fields. Fair enough I guess, though not sure why.

So, after modifying the PHP scripts (3 of them) it all now seems to work. Phew.

A kitchen full of unwanted cookies…

I was notified by email today of a document shared on Yahoo! that I needed to read. So… off to Yahoo! and I am presented with a screen about privacy. I can get no further before I either blindly accept all their cookies and those of their partners or I can manage what is set. Ok, let’s manage it then – off to the Privacy Centre (hmmm… UK spelling).

What I am looking for is a button where I can reject cookies. Ok… so in paragraph 2 of 12 or so, I lost count, I find the link to the Privacy Dashboard. Off we go then, I bet the ‘reject’ button is there, oh no wait I get a screen full of brand icons I can click to see how each partner will use my personal data. Hmmm. No reject button then…

I clicked the first one and I’m whizzed off, electronically to the vendors site where I need to log in and prove I am not a robot. Try another. Same thing, and indeed the same login function hosted by AOL. And, you guessed it, it’s setting cookies before I have even had the chance to say yes or no.

And I’ve yet to get anywhere near the document I want to see…

I’m not going any further but seriously, if I actually wanted to find out how my personal data will be used by this website, the company behind it, the company behind them, and each of their partners and the companies behind those, it would take me an hour or more, and I’d be rewarded with a whole kitchen full of cookies.

So, the document remains unread… shame really. And now I need to get rid of the cookies that have been set before I even had the chance to say ‘no’.

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

I finally upgraded to 18.04, an advantage of which is I am finally rid of the Unity desktop and back to Gnome. I never ‘got’ Unity and had added there Gnome add-ons which made it Gnome-like but quirky. For some reason, the system would always launch a service process via upstart that sat there doing nothing every time I unlocked the screen… resulting in the process table filing up before I realised.

The upgrade caught me out however. For some reason it did not bring across php-mysql or the Stomp library but both were easy to put back in. I use Stomp to pull in Network Rail Open Data, something I’ve been fiddling with recently but more of that some time later on.

It also seems to default to a later CIFS protocol than my poor old backup NAS devices use meaning they would not mount, so I had to add vers=1.0 to the lines in /etc/fstab to solve that one.

Finally, until I find more, Apache would not see PHP even though PHP had been upgraded so it needed a2enmod php7.2 and a bounce of Apache. That one is particularly annoying as without it Apache merrily shows The World your PHP script as text, including of course any passwords or other niceties contained therein. Fortunately this system is not accessible from outside the house network.

Nothing else seems to be amiss, the PC still sees the SignaLink USB interface and all audio devices are still where I left them.

Merging blogs…

I’ve ended up with three separate blogs for no good reason! I’ve moved all the posts from my valve blog to here now and hopefully not made too much of a mess. The other blog is not really radio or valve related and has added a lot of categories so I may end up fiddling with the site description a tad once I move those posts over to here.

The new blog – which you should have ended up at by now if the redirections are working (still work in progress!) is


Hamshack Hotline

Hamshack Hotline (HH) is a FREE dedicated voip telecom service for the Ham Radio community. (taken from their website – see )

I heard about this via, if I remember a post on Facebook. It sounded interesting, and free, and so I purchased a refurbished Cisco SPA504G VoIP phone from a trader on eBay. Once you register with them they send a link to a configuration file for the phone and this makes it all work. So, what do you get? Well, review the website but basically a VoIP phone and an online phone directory. The line is full featured with ‘do not disturb’ and an answering machine. The exchanges are set up in various places – I am connected to the European one (HHEU). There is also an exchange for unlicensed members. RF links are being set up too for those with an amateur radio licence.

As the service expands this could be a very interesting facility, and for the price of the phone – around £20 – one I could not resist.

They support a small range of SIP phones and I chose the 504G because it uses PoE, meaning no wall-wart as it gets its power via the Ethernet cable from our PoE switch.




The RSGB  certificate arrived today and Ofcom already had the licence waiting so I chose 2#0IGP (thus 2E0IGP from home at least, as I’m rarely out of England!). I tried other combinations but nothing that I wanted was available so I decided to keep the IGP, regardless of the fact it actually means nothing! I shall be rather more choosy when I eventually pass the Advanced exam.

Awful cookie consent pages…

There’s an interesting mixture of cookie consent pages and functions these days, ranging from one nice site I saw that had defaulted to ‘none’, to those that seem to want you to opt out individually to over 400 advertising cookies, with quite a few of those requiring you to go and find the advertiser in question to opt out. I just saw one which has the usual half-page banner that only gives an option to accept all cookies, but hidden (in plain sight) is a link that takes you to a consent page. This page does nothing that wanting you to consent to all cookies but, if you try hard enough it tells you how you can opt out – by visiting some advertising agency cookie control site. Er, no, that’s not how it should be done.

I wonder if anyone (other than me) actually bothers to complain to whatever agency is even listening about these stupid practices!

Intermediate passed

Passed the Intermediate exam today – now wait for the 2E-whatever callsign… then I can wind the wick up if needed. Mind you, the autotuner can only cope with 30W digi anyway, and it’s been fun seeing how far I can get with 10. Actually, the important thing to me is access to those microwave bands that the Foundation does not give, and also the ability to use homemade transmitters. Time to tidy the workshop!