More cookie madness

I came across a website a couple of days ago that has the usual, rather useless cookie notice generated as the site claims several times by some random cookie policy generator. Ok so it has the usual three options, accept, decline, or see more information. But I was rather surprised that clocking ‘decline’ threw me to Google which then wanted me to agree to it’s cookies. Not a good start. On further analysis, the ‘decline’ button URL is…! Big fail.

The cookie notice itself is the usual waffle and on the positive side, if there is one, it does tell you all the evil it committing. In one section it does state that the third party cookie being set lasts forever and is used to track your cross the whole of the web. Of course, it has set all the cookies before you even agree. Fail number 2.

In all the site sets 32 cookies, 8 of which are third party; and it causes your browser to make over 200 requests to nearly 60 different IP addresses.

And the cookie policy generator they used? It has a short disclaimer basically saying they’ve no real idea what they are doing and only provide the generated cookie notice for informational purposes. Ugh.

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