How not to communicate

We seem to be taking ever backward steps regarding communications these days. I’m not talking in general, but in website terms. Many times you see an offering of an online chat only to fill in your details and then be told the service is closed. Say it first! Email enquiries, assuming you can find them often also often go unanswered, or, worse you get an auto reply saying the service is no more.

Communication companies tend to be the worse, insisting you phone them regardless of them offering email, twitter or online chat services.

Phone services are no better. I had to call the GP and, after about 2 minutes of listening to announcements and finding the correct option I am told that the particular option is only available at certain hours. Say so first!

Examples where it goes right, surprisingly include the DVLA. I recently had to contact them and their online chat required lots of information up front and then told me there were no advisors anyway. But an email to them was answered within about an hour. Others include an online pharmacy / prescription service which said up front when their advisors were online and I only wanted a minute.

But the times it works pale into insignificance when posed against those that fail miserably or seem only aimed to confusion or annoyance.

Good grief. If you bother to set up such a service make sure you actually use it, or close it down.

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