How do you prove your address?

Leeds council are to start charging non-Leeds residents to access Kirkstall Abbey. For residents, who will still get in for free, proof of address is required. So how do you prove your address?

One obvious way is by bringing a council tax bill, but that is in the name of the householder, not the entire family. Bank statements would do, provided you have a bank account and paper (or downloaded and printed) statements.

But surely they also need to prove who you are and that your name matches that on whatever proof you bring. That could be interesting. Without proof of name one could simply print, or fake a council tax bill, bank statement or whatever regardless of whether or not it is yours.

I cam imagine a shady looking individual standing near the entrance whispering ‘Psssst… want to buy a fake council tax bill? Only £1’…

But I am sure the council has thought this through, including how much it will cost to fence the site off, erect ticket barriers or booths and staff them all year round…

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