Smart TV and ads

Ad blockers work well on PCs and other things, smartphones included. But what about your TV?

Recently our Samsung SmartTV had a software update and now it is displaying rather infuriating adverts in the TV guide. It has shown ads before in the list of apps and things but not in the guide. And in a glaring pink too so it really stands out.

I’ve tried blocking certain URLs – web searches suggest this as a solution – but that has not worked. I have been into the privacy settings too, to no avail. On that particular subject, the privacy settings on the TV are set in a way to trip you up in my opinion. You can de-select advertising partners one by one (they are all on by default and there is no global turn-off option) but if you stray outside the box or click the wrong thing the whole process is abandoned. And on entry to the options ‘Allow all’ is preselected. there are hundreds of advertising partners too.

Consent is confusing as well. The list seems to suggest that I have consented but on entry I can then consent, the unticked box presumably meaning I did not – and I would never have had anyway!

I think this particular TV needs connecting via a pi-hole… or at least something that I can run wireshark on. It’s not a cheap TV and I really do not expect to have advertising forced on me.

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