Ablative privacy

Here’s something I’ve been thinking of for a while… and there’s a Star Trek link to boot. In Star Trek: Voyager the future Janeway managed to get ablative armour technology back in time to protect a shuttle against the Borg – or something like that, it was a while ago I saw that episode.

Anyway, so how about ‘ablative privacy’, information thrown out there in ways that when people drill into it they get what they think they want, which is actually what little you want to share. Satisfied, they go no further. If one were to put up sufficient information that would lead an aggressor into thinking they had uncovered every last detail, might that protect the real, deeply secured secrets that you really don’t want to share?

Well, maybe, maybe not. Really all I wanted to do was coin the phrase in case I want to make further use of it! You saw it here first folks…