Facebook woes

Facebook recently hit the headlines due to the Cambridge Analytica event. Along with this came tales of doom and gloom and suggestions that Facebook will lose up to 80% of its members. Of course, news comes and fades, and leaves current memory. People will continue to use Facebook although some small number will close their accounts. And so it goes. Like so many others I’ve always said only put online what you don’t mind the whole world knowing. Anyone sharing nude photos with their partners should take note – a good few celebrities included.

Personally I use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and, as such all my settings are friends-only. I don’t use it to share generally, other of course than where I might click ‘like’ to an open post or share on an open group. To me this is just a part of using Facebook and I do not put anything on there that I would not wish the world to see. Facebook is free and useful and we need to remember that, but also remember to pay attention to those privacy settings and check when Facebook change them.

If I want to have a private conversation I use WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram. If I want it to be really private, well, I go and say it face to face! Yes I hear you, if we want to discuss stuff we should not be spied upon, but we’re in the real world.