Website whinging


Does anyone else hate reCAPTCHA? There was a time where it was simply a matter of clicking maybe three squares but now it’s just plain daft. You click an image and another appears, or doesn’t, and it seems to go on forever. Websites that use this stuff need to be careful because where I see there newer type of challenge, like click all squares that had an ant on them last week or something equally daft, I go elsewhere. I even had to email an ISP because I could not get past the infernal challenge.

And it seems to make no sense. Sometimes I click one of the ‘all squares matching’ types to get a completely new set, and clicking at random then lets me past. Why? And now there are grainy photos too. They might as well post moon shots and ask which rock the alien might be under.

Pretty soon all we will be spending time on the web doing is trying to prove we are human!

I doubt many people process web server logs properly these days, all will use Google Analytics. But it would be interesting to see the number of people that get past a reCAPTCHA and find useful information in the target site vs those that give up. Oh wait – Google have this, surely! Ah, of course, checking their marketing literature states clearly that we are all working for Google as they make use of our actions to do their own thing.

Yes I realise that this blog has one too but it’s old school and simple… probably little use these days but comments are all held for moderation anyway.