Trashing websites…

Well that was fun. I had to upgrade the version of Linux on the VPS that runs this and the valves website. WordPress is happy with the new o/s but changes to PHP, Apache and MySQL trashed the valve museum site.

First off, mysql_ is gone, enter mysqli_. I knew this already but I had not picked up on the fact that there is now no replacement for mysql_result. And I used it often. There is also the fact that the upgrade did not install PHP7 so I had to get that installed, plus the apache and MySQL glue. But that was the easy part.

Ok so I got past that with a temporary solution of writing my own mysqli_result() function with the help of a suitable Google search.

Then one SQL query did not work because MySQL now wants any variable that you use in a several to be present in the selected fields. Fair enough I guess, though not sure why.

So, after modifying the PHP scripts (3 of them) it all now seems to work. Phew.