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EU domains

Who would have thought that .eu domains owned by companies or individuals in the UK would be at risk when the UK leaves the EU? I mean, when you register for one you are asked to declare that you are in the EU… so it should not come as a surprise that if you are not so, you can’t have a .eu domain.

Well, Eurid, the .eu domain registrar has sent a reminder that come the 30th March 2019 if the UK has left with no deal they will be switched off but there will be a 2 month grace period. says it all…

I wonder if the people will register a business address in the EU in order to keep their website running. Yes they can take advantage of the 2 month grace period and have their “we’ve left” party messages, but if they want to keep that message going after that they’ll have to have an office in the EU and I suspect that would be rather bad PR.

If we leave with a deal and therefore enter the transition period this is all offset a fair way but it is still out there… after all, we all signed up to the rules set by the registrar so no whinging. (yes, I have one .eu domain but I can live without it – email via the domain is currently only used by one energy supplier who, for some reason cannot change my email address despite me asking many times, and by a local law firm and then only because I have yet to change it. And some minor spam. No biggie.)