Final valve deletions under way

Ok I’ve been saying this for ages now but now I have finally broken through all the rubbish in the garage and got to where the valves are! Over the next 4 or 5 days I will have finally pulled out all the non-CV types so if there is anything of interest let me know quickly. Note that I will not be creating any more ‘ex-museum valve’ pages now as there is nothing left that is particularly special.

Several will go on eBay by the box load but these will be collect only. Sorry for those of you too far away to consider this but the hassle plus the time I have to sort this make postage simply not worth it for me. What does not sell will find a new home en masse – don’t worry, nothing will be scrapped.

A couple of people have made requests for a few items and these will be sorted soon. Also, things that were donated to me will similarly be donated to other collections.

Final note – I will not be sorting files out until after the collection has been trimmed. After that I will edit all those pages where there are a mix of CV and non-CV valves on a page and remove all non-CV imagery.