‘New’ or not so new PCs

There seems to be a lot of adverts these days on a certain website for new PCs at good prices. But when you look more closely, it turns out that the only bits that are new are the case and the PSU and everything else is refurbished.

Isn’t that like buying a car and being told yes the car is new, but the engine, transmission, brakes, steering, and everything inside is from various scrap cars – we’ve just dusted them a bit?

Maybe its just me… but to me new is new, not new-ish, or part new, or old with a new box. And I’m not sure how you refurbish a CPU or memory module – what, they take the lid off and change the oil and maybe change a couple of the gears that make the accumulator go round? Put more decimal points in the floating point unit? Hmmm…