Ok, so I’ve managed to sort the website out now so that is the new permanent name. The redirection is in place but not finalised. It should work ok, except I broke it at first because I’d ended up with a redirection loop. Google (other search engines are available!) should update itself in due course. As I mentioned before the old domains will slowly drop out of the registry. Someone else may well grab them at that time but hey, my collection is a shadow of its former self now and I doubt it is referred to that much these days. A few years ago it ran at over 20,000 lookups a day, but back then there were 3,000 valves there.

All good things come to an end. The majority of the non-CV valves are now in their new home at the National Valve Museum, my RAF Type 4A valve tester has been sold and I will probably sell the US one too. I’m keeping the small tester, at least for now. And don’t worry, I am still hunting CVs!