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Hacking Instagram

So I caught sight of a TV programme tonight regarding someone’s Instagram account being hacked and the difficulty in getting the account back. The suggesting is that Instagram should have been presumably instant at helping. But it missed the point by a country mile. Here we have something that is essentially free to use, and trusts you to be you. What I mean by that is there is no global ID scheme proving you are you so the only thing to rely on is, for example that when you subscribe with an email address you actually receive an authorisation email and take some action.

How you can point the finger at something which exists primarily to process your personal information while providing you a service for free, and says as much when you sign up to it, defeats me. IT’S FREE. Don’t expect 24/7 service if you are paying nothing at all for it. This is the real world. Make sure your password is strong and turn on 2FA where available.

Oh yeah, and if some scrote hacks my Instagram account you can keep it! I’m quite sure that my followers, few that they are will realise that anything odd is simply not me and should be ignored. QED.