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CDN blues

Interesting week. A couple of days ago we heard of Cloudflare’s issues with a software rollout gone wrong. Yesterday I noticed I could not see one of our iPhones on FriendFinder. It later became clear that the phone had not received any iMessages either and the associated iPad was in a worse mess. It took several cycles of logging in on both to restore normality, and that meant logging into iCloud and FaceTime and message separately. Oddly he iPad had iMessages from 2018 but no later and the iPhone had missed a whole day of messages – I had expected both to pull down the current messages but on checking the o/s is too old (these are old Apple devices).

Then this morning my Mac, which is up to date o/s wise wanted the iCloud password, but putting it in resulted in an ‘unknown error’. I rebooted it and it appeared ok, but then I had to go through the cycle of logging into iCloud, iMessage and FaceTime. For iMessage it would not play ball and suggested that I was not logged into iCloud on my previous account name, changed some months ago. Potentially I’d never had to log in since the change so that may be why. Anyway, logging out and into iMessage again fixed this. My iPhone has not (yet!) had the same issue…

Given the Facebook / Instagram issues yesterday with stored photos and videos not displaying – also CDN based – it gives me an ‘eggs in baskets’ feel. Where you have one large infrastructure provider such as Cloudflare with so many services sitting upon it that provider has to work all of the time. Corners are easily cut (not saying they were here!) and mistakes can have far reaching effects. Of course the solution where everyone has their own infrastructure is not very ‘green’ these days with the proliferation of data centres and such and so these large third party providers make a lot of sense. But when they go down the world goes with them – well, ok, the web goes with them!