Adventures in DCC

So, I decided after some 50 years or so of, er, deciding, to cobble together a small model railway. Early days yet but I always wanted to set up something with DCC. I recently got a Sprog 3 DCC controller and now have a Bachmann Class 37 loco that came with a DCC decoder fitted. And here it is in all it’s glory on one whole metre of track!

[fvplayer id=”1″]

I have an area in the workshop to build a (very) small layout, probably modelled on a yard or something similar. It won’t be complex as I don’t have enough space, but I hope to have at least a couple of points and working GPLs, sufficient space for some trucks and carriages, the Class 37 and hopefully a Class 08.

For control I’ve downloaded the JMRI software onto the Mac and this works well, albeit for the 20 minutes or so I spent setting it up as a test. It also works with the WiThrottle app on the iPhone which is neat.