Further adventures in DCC

So I now have two DCC locos, the Class 37 as before and now a Class 03 shunter. I am still looking for a Class 08 / 09 but less so now I have the 03.

I also got a tiny Lenovo PC which is only about 7″ square and an inch high yet has a Core i5 at 2.9GHz, 8GB RAM and a 500GB disk. I loaded Ubuntu 18.04 on (because it’s what I use elsewhere so it is familiar) in order to run the JMRI software. All went well except…

First off, the Sprog comes up as /dev/ttyACM0 as expected but the device is not world accessible. One needs to ‘chmod 666 /dev/ttyACM0’ (as root of course) before loading JMRI. A more permanent (and more proper!) solution is to add your userid to the dialout group in /etc/group. Ok, first hurdle passed.

But worse, although DecoderPro can see the Sprog and the config was all set up correctly, when adding a loco it goes mad. The USB LED on the Sprog goes out and the Sprog console shows a continual stream of data being sent. It all works fine on the Mac so this is something I need to sort out.

And here is the 03… needs a bit of running in yet but seems to work fine…

[fvplayer id=”2″]

Update: There was a difference in the two configurations. On the Mac I had selected ‘Sprog’ as the controller but on the Linux box I selected ‘Sprog command station’. Setting it to ‘Sprog’ on the Linux box has cured that issue. The annoying thing is this is mentioned in the setup guide provided with the Sprog and I had read this before using the Mac for the initial tests and then forgotten it all when I set up the Linux box! But now it’s time to stop fiddling and actually do some reading up on this stuff!