When a service goes wrong…

It seemed a simple task. Send two parcels via a shipping company. But it went wrong and got worse from there. The moral, for the company concerned is, or should be anyway if you sell a service make sure you can actually carry that service out. Otherwise people get cross.

Monday. Two parcels packed but too late to go to the post office. News is that we will be advised to stay home and only make trips that cannot be avoided. Thank goodness there is Hermes that can collect parcels from the house. Ordered collection for both, paid and printed the labels. Collection was due on Tuesday.

Tuesday. No collection. Ok. Try customer services and find a rather hopeless chatbot which ended up allegedly sending an email to customer services to be answered within 24 hours. Never mind though because if they miss a collection the automatically try the next day, up to three times.

Wednesday. As above, including a second email via the chatbot. No reply to the first and it’s been 24 hours.

Thursday. As above! So we phoned them to be told the item (books!) was not suitable for collection. This is interesting as, well, how did they know as they never came to the house? They employ psychics? They assured us the collection would be re-booked for the next day (i.e. Friday).

Friday. Yup, no collection. I even put them outside with a note on the door indicating this as we had to dash to the supermarket.

Friday night. Booked a collection with DHL but as it is Friday they won’t collect until Monday. But it is a next-day service so hopefully all will go to plan.

Now, this part is for the future… Saturday (still tomorrow as I write), phone company ‘H’ and strongly demand a full refund without having to wait and that refund to be paid to my card, not as a token or whatever, on pain of them being reported to my credit card company. Advise company ‘H’ that I will never use their services again as this is now the third time they messed me about and given I don’t send much this is a very high failure rate. I will edit this as past-tense once done!

Update: Tried to phone Hermes. Their automated system is awkward because it is voice activated with you saying yes or no. There must have been a noise the first time through as it thanked me and hung up. The second I got into a queue and hung up after the fifth run through the music. However, later I got a reply to my email (the one sent by the chatbot) to which I replied that I need them to cancel both parcels and refund the total amount.

Update (Monday): DHL collected the parcel so it is on the way and should arrive tomorrow. As to Hermes, well I now have an email that they have refunded one of the two parcels. I will copy my email back to them as it clearly mentions both parcels and gives the amount I expect to be refunded. Good grief.

Update (Tuesday): Delivery day, in theory. But the DHL tracker says the delivery has been delayed and to contact the sender. Um… I am the sender, how am I supposed to know that it’s been delayed given it was collected yesterday?

And finally… it arrived on Wednesday mid-morning. So, other than a one day delay (which is probably to be expected in the current lockdown) not too bad.

In other news… I am now waiting for a parcel to be delivered by Hermes. We’ll see… Ugh, 11 days since it was recorded as being received by Hermes, still waiting for it to arrive.