Cookies and tracking

Even more cookie madness

Yup, cookies again. I have started to experiment with an App on the MacBook called Cookie. It seems to be the only one of its kind right now and has a two week free trial period. After fiddling with settings it really seems useful as one can flag those cookies you want to keep and then have it delete cookies on a timer basis as well as other deletion options. All of mine are ticked so it deletes on browser closure, on waking from sleep and others, and I wound the deletion timer back to one minute. So cookies generally clear before I leave the cookie laden website I wanted to view.

It’s cookie screen makes a very useful check. I just visited a newspaper’s website and got the usual cookie popup with no way past until I either accepted or went into the options. I did the latter and clicked ‘reject all’ and save. And the website still set 32 (!) cookies, 7 of which were flagged as trackers. Not only that, but when I closed the site it had managed to set a further two cookies and one of those was a tracker.