Valve space reduction

No, not getting rid of valves… but reducing the storage needs. For ages now I’ve kept the various boxes that valves came in but some of these are just daft. So I have begun ditching the original boxes and putting valves in plain white boxes sourced from Jan W├╝sten (

Some are simply sturdy boxes with less space taken by moving the valve to a slightly smaller white box. But some are just plain silly – well, for good reasons. I came across one today in a box nearly 10 inches long that had mounds of wrapping and corrugated cardboard inside to reveal an octal valve that would fit in that original box six times over. So far I have gone through the closest containers and made 8 into 6. Next I will tackle the seriously overboxed section that live on metal shelving. I suspect I can reduce the total storage by 25%.

Of course there are some valves that cannot be boxed or which need to stay as they are – CRTs for example and the CV6124. But it does mean that most of the valves on the shelving can go into containers for added protection.