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OneDrive and ADSL

We had a few broadband issues here over a couple of days with download speeds dropping to a few k at times. Given the recent issues caused by the phone line this one was odd because the modem was holding up nicely at 16Mb / 1.2Mb. So, peering at the switch and unplugging anything that might be connecting to the outside world (really must get my own router so I can monitor the traffic!) it came down to one of the Windows PCs. Unplug that and the broadband quickly returned to normal.

Virus? Malware? (always the first thoughts when Windows is involved!) No, OneDrive. It turned out that the issue were caused by uploading a load of files to OneDrive for safe keeping given said PC has gone a bit daft recently. 5Gb of them! OneDrive was maxing out the upload bandwidth and the issues there in relation to ADSL and TCP/IP are well known.

So I paused it – at least OneDrive is well thought out and you can pause it for a set period. I’d expected the PC to finish up overnight but it shut itself down and still had 3.5Gb to go this morning. Turning OneDrive back on of course zapped the ADSL again.

Nice having 4G on the phone and unlimited data (though not unlimited for tethering or I could have used it to sort OneDrive out here). DuckDuckGo to the ready, it turns out that OneDrive is actually very well thought out and you can limit the upload and download bandwidth. Limiting upload to 50kB (big B) has sorted things here, OneDrive can still get on with things without trashing our broadband. I’m guessing it was seen as an issue and someone actually thought it through at Microsoft.