Cookies and tracking

Google learns…

It seems that Google have fixed the rather useful feature, sorry, bug whereby if you browse to any Google site with cookies disabled it would throw up the cookie warning but clicking ‘I agree’ made that go away while not being able to actually set any cookies. Of course, the warning would come back on every visit but only one extra click needed and still no infernal cookies.

Now, the warning box does not clear when you click ‘I agree’ and so there is no way to run a Google search and refuse all cookies. Oh well, I’ve not actually used Google for some time now anyway. Duckduckgo FTW.

It is interesting to note that faults in software are generally classed (ok, mostly tongue-in-cheek) as features by the manufacturer but bugs by the users. Here, their bug was our feature, and was useful for a short while.

But surely this constitutes a cookie wall? I wonder… because those are generally outlawed.