Website whinging

Website crashes

Once again we see a company spiralling into nonexistence along with the associated sales on their website and the associated flooring of said website by people wanting to buy.

Surely it’s time that website designers actually sorted things like this out? Time and again companies and governments throw up websites which are backend heavy to the extent that once over a certain threshold the backend cannot cope and sulks off into the 500 corner.

While I can accept this – professionally speaking (or as was before I retired anyway!) – a small website crashing under unexpected load, I cannot accept that a website that is actually designed to provide a user experience under load is put together in a way that it falls over. This is the 21st Century and this stuff is not rocket science. It’s not a DDoS attack, it’s actual people wanting to access a website! Governments are not excepted from this criticism – we’ve seen what our own lot manages to do recently. And surely the crashes caused by everyone and their dog jumping at online shopping sites due to COVID should be fresh in the memory of every web designer?

Now, ok, getting real for a tad – yes there is bound to be a limit of what cash can buy where web hosting is concerned and budgeting for ‘what if’ situations can be hard. But look at some of the cloud based services where you can simply let it run wild and pay for the extra horsepower second by second as needed. Give the unpredictability I can almost – I stress almost – accept a queuing system, but what really gets me is that someone implements a queueing system which itself overloads and errors! Good grief…