So we’re out of the EU as of 23:00 on 31st December, 2020. Two things come to mind.

The first order of business for me seems to be to go over PayPal’s 58 page User Agreement which is valid from today (1/1/21). 58 pages. It begins by indicating it is an agreement between me and them, they being PayPal (Europe). No surprises there then. It goes on to mention the Temporary Permissions Regime which I had never heard of. This says it “allows EEA-based firms that were passporting into the UK at the end of the transition period (31 December 2020) to continue operating in the UK within the scope of their previous passport permission for a limited period after the end of the transition period.” (1)

So, I have a 58 page document to read (and I always read T&Cs and such as should everyone) but I am a tad wary of this ‘temporary’ agreement which perhaps means there will be further updates from PayPal in due course. For all those who were celebrating our ‘escape’ it is, of course just the beginning.

Nothing wrong here of course and I use PayPal all the time. It is obvious they, and all manner of other companies need to produce new terms for this new age and this blog is not a political platform (I do all my political whining elsewhere!)

On to the second thing. I received an email this morning telling me that my .eu domain, which I abandoned a long time ago when Brexit got going, has been suspended. I am just letting it expire so no worries here. But it does rather tickle me that the people have a correspondence email for their domain which has a .ie address. So, they have moved their correspondence address to Eire, which is, of course still in the EU, in order to keep their .eu domain.