Why is this so hard

I had to edit and then print an official form downloaded from a Government website today. All it needed was some names and addresses putting in at the prescribed lines. Easy… hmmm.

First off, the form is an MS Word document. Ok, I have Pages on the Mac. Ah, but the format is wrong and lines appear in places they should not. Oddly, the first half is fine, but the second where it needs a date entering ends up with a line through the date.

Ok. Borrow a laptop that has Word. Download the form again and it was filled in properly. I had to struggle to get a USB stick to be recognised even though it has been in there before – two goes and it found it. This is because I did not want to store the edited document on the laptop at all, well, other than whatever temporary files Windows wants to create.

So, to print.

The laptop will not find the printer

The copy of Word will not print to PDF


Finally I managed to export to PDF, stuff it on the USB, put the USB in the Mac, open it (and check the format is still ok! The ‘p’ in PDF is not always what it makes out to be) and print it.

Two laptops, one USB stick, about 10 edited lines in a document.