MacBook Pro battery replacement

Recently the battery in one of our old MacBook Pro laptops gave up the ghost, big time. First, it would run for a few minutes but not long after it was totally dead, with the Mac loosing power completely if the charger was removed. We replaced this Mac as it was a vital component in our IT armoury but I wanted to fix it and, hopefully sell it as working. It’s a 2015 13″ model.

So, off to the excellent iFixit site, specifically in our case this. The guys that put these pages together are a huge help to those of us daring to venture into repairing our own kit. Anyway, I have a decent range of tools for abusing small electronic devices such as phones and laptops, so why not?

The case comes apart quite easily:

Getting the battery unstuck – my goodness they glue them in well – is hard but not so much so that it cannot be done with care. A note here, this is solely from my own experience, do not rely on this!

It took maybe 20 minutes and 4 old credit cards to very carefully unstick the entire battery. I had a new OEM battery from the Replace Base that arrived within a day, came in a neat package and included the necessary screwdrivers but I already have plenty. The price of the battery was somewhere between the cheapest eBay price for a non-OEM part and the price from Apple. Everything went back together with no screws left over (!) and the Mac works nicely, holding 100% charge and with a battery recharge indicator of 1. oh yes and I managed to throw Big Sur onto the Mac too.

I have to say though, I went through this because I have some time, being retired, and I wanted to not be beaten by something that should be simple, i.e. changing a battery. Having been through the exercise, and bearing creases on my palms for a couple of days from the force needed to unstick the battery, paying Apple to do this is actually fairly good value for money!