15″ MacBook stiff screen

My 15″ MacBook dating to early 2013 (or so it claims) had been getting very difficult to open recently. This culminated in the screen popping up about a quarter of an inch when closed, the magnet just not strong enough to hold on. So, time to get the diddy screwdrivers out. I had looked on the Web for tips and found some discussion of removing the screen to clean the hinges, not something I was looking forward to but I decided to have a look anyway.

On removing the base I was presented with this!

That’s a lot of fluff! Ok, I’ve had it from new, so it’s 8 years of fluff (has it really been 8 years?).

Anyway, after de-fluffing all I did was very carefully, and with a teeny bit of WD40 sprayed onto a cotton bud cleaned the parts of the hinge that I could see. And that did the trick. No need to dismantle or otherwise adjust anything fortunately. YMMV of course, but it worked out for me.

But… 8 years! And it will not take the latest OS… sad.