Cookies and tracking

Cookies under attack

So, Max Schrems is going to have a go now at cookie banners, so many of which are either confusing or downright illegal.

No specifically picking on them but Forbes is a case in point. It throws up the usual huge cookie page and when you go to choose (rather than just click click click accept everything), after scrolling down a very long way one finds a ‘reject all’ button. But it still sets 15 cookies that the Brave browser blocks and a further 11 that get through.

Ironically I was looking for info about WhatsApp’s latest about turn on its new forcing of users to accept its new privacy T&Cs. This led me to the Forbes story on the issue…

I have cookies disabled on one of the browsers I use and it’s always amusing to see sites screaming that they will not work without cookies… and yet they all seem to work just fine (obviously, shopping carts and such excepted), although you do meet the occasional website that just cycles endlessly trying and failing to set a cookie and showing a blank page. Well done guys. Nice.