Anti-Vibration gloves

Anti-vibration gloves

After spending hours cleaning metalwork with a wire brush in a grinder and suffering as a result I decided to get a pair of anti-vibration gloves. I wasn’t really sure how good these could be, I mean you still need to hold the grinder, but after a similar number of hours they do seem to work well. Last time I had to take an increasing number of breaks to rest during the work but this time I only had to rest because of me overheating. Of course, I was still talking regular rests anyway – you absolutely must – but no shakes or pins and needles this time. Yes I did read up on hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) and I was already aware of the risks but this kind of protection is really worthwhile and does not cost that much.

The ones I got are from Port West, others are of course available and results for you may differ from mine – this is my experience only so treat as such.

On the rails…

…or off my trolley, not sure which.

I volunteer at a heritage railway as an S&T (signals and telegraph) technician and currently go there at least one day every week. But I remembered recently that I had been to this railway many years ago when I was a kid. Back then, we travelled to a railway station that we were not supposed to. I think I was 10 and with a friend the same age. We were allowed to play trains, i.e. travel on them but were not supposed to go far, and certainly not that far even though it’s only 25 miles or so. I have a photo taken with a very old flash-less camera of a train and, in the same shot is the station name. My mum must have seen it…

Anyway, we saw an advert (remember this was 1970-ish so no web) for a steam railway and so off we set for a 1.5 mile walk. We found the place closed, well, except for the shop. I remember I got a few secondhand railway magazines. The line was short back then, in fact I don’t think it went very far at all. Oddly I never took any photos.

Fast forward to 2018 and I signed up as a volunteer and I’ve been going there ever since. I even got to actually travel on one of the trains recently, rather than just keep out of their way. The line is now very popular and gets a lot of good press.