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Domain rationalisation

Since I retired last year I have been taking stock of things. I ended up using for the valve website years ago but I also have, and the variants of both. I have several other domains as well for all sorts of historic reasons. It’s time to cut back.

The domain is valid until July 2021 at which time I will let it expire. I realise it has a very long history but everything has a cost. There is a proposal by ICANN to remove the cap on .org and also .info which may mean the prices go up. My domain will go too. That one goes in October this year (2019 if you read this later!)

I am going to migrate the valve museum probably to but I will confirm this and also advertise it on the museum website. Redirection will go into place to that Google (other search engines are available) picks up the new location when it indexes the site.

No other changes are planned. I still collect CV valves and although there are now very few additions I do still look.


Merging blogs…

I’ve ended up with three separate blogs for no good reason! I’ve moved all the posts from my valve blog to here now and hopefully not made too much of a mess. The other blog is not really radio or valve related and has added a lot of categories so I may end up fiddling with the site description a tad once I move those posts over to here.

The new blog – which you should have ended up at by now if the redirections are working (still work in progress!) is