And finally…

I can’t believe I’ve not updated this site since last year! Well I now have 4 boxes of CV valves to sort out, including a CV2, my lowest number. A lot of valves have left the workshop – basically for free as there is so little interest and as I said before I am no longer engaging with eBay (the money is not worth the hassle). 8 large boxes of them and several smaller boxes filled a car. There are a lot left which will be listed here under Sales at some time and what does not sell will go to auction. If you see anything on the site that is definitely not CV marked then it will b for sale, except a few cases. I am even considering letting the REL valves and the 1B series go now. Most of the Germans are sold or are spoken for as are one or two of the Russian radar CRT-types. Anyway, none of those are listed as exhibits now.

An actual update! And more potential disposals.

After 8.5 years of study, including several breaks on medical grounds, and a final mad dash since last friday I finally found out today I am on the pass list and will graduate with a Ph.D. in law next month. That’s the single most intensive thing taking up all my time these past years. Well, that and the kids!

So, I finally have some time to turn my attention to my greatly ignored valve collection. And I have come to a decision. I’ve been swinging between wanting to sell the whole collection and wanting to keep on expanding it. In fits and starts I pulled out a lot of non-CV and non-military valves, many of which went on eBay until their Global Shredding Programme messed things up and I quit.

But in order to further trim the collection I have decided to strip out everything that is not actually CV marked, bar a few specials like the RELs and some of the 1B series. So, up for grabs will be all the UK military stuff that is not CV marked. Bearing in mind eBay is not really an option now I am open to offers on any or all. Do get in touch if you are interested in any.

There are a few oddments which are not up for grabs, like the parametric amplifier tube, and the REL stuff as I mentioned. But equally there is some very interesting, and in some cases old stuff in the collection which will be available.

I’ve no idea if anyone even reads these posts and so I will also be offering some around where I know there is interest. So be quick!

Updates, or lack thereof

I’ve not updated the collection for ages. There is a CV magnetron sat on my desk waiting for me to take pics, as well as a couple of fuze valves that people kindly sent me. Being realistic I am not going to get close until October this year because I am trying to complete the corrections to my Ph.D. and running out of time. So everything is on hold.

I also have 4 boxes of CV valves 300 miles away waiting for transport. uShip came up empty with really stupid prices so these may end up going by courier or me meeting halfway. Time is against me.

I also have half the workshop full of valves for disposal. Since I gave up with eBay and PayPal moving these has become difficult. That plus the complete lack of time anyway. I hope to go to a sale later this year which will hopefully reduce the stock somewhat. Some are ex-collection but most are mundane valves.

Paypal and eBay woes (updated 20/Jun/17)

I occasionally sell valves on eBay and their Global Shipping Program has been useful, taking away the need for me to figure out postage to individual countries. For a very small trader like me this save a lot of hassle. Or it did.

But here’s the issue. Paypal has become ubiquitous and makes for an easy way to add payments to various things, Uber for example. As Paypal’s own adverts tell you by using them you do not need to lodge any personal information with all the various websites and apps you may use. But there is a huge issue. I currently have someone in China who, after taking over two weeks to pay me for two valves then lodged a dispute with Paypal for non-delivery after just a few days. The tracker shows it is stuck in their Global Shipping Centre here in the UK. Anyway, this person is no longer communicating with me but Paypal transferred the money out of my account leaving a negative balance.

And guess what… now I have a negative balance Paypal transactions are failing. So in one fell swoop this dispute means that Paypal is effectively useless to me. I have already taken it out of Uber as I will need to use them. I found this out the I tried to purchase something on eBay. It added the negative amount and then told me that if I pay by card, which is my only payment method, then it counts as a cash advance and thus I will pay interest from day one. I don’t pay interest on anything. Yes, I can add my bank details and transfer money that way but I don’t want to, and anyway Paypal say this takes 5 to 7 days.

Oh, as to the valves they are marked as undeliverable. No idea why yet. In such a case, eBay will refund the buyer, so no need for Paypal to get involved. But the person has not yet closed the case or even bothered to answer my messages about it and so Paypal is still lost to me. And I suspect this will be permanent because as I change away from it as a payment method what reason is there for me to return?

Update 29/5/17 – I now notice as a seller I cannot leave negative feedback for a buyer! I can leave positive feedback or nothing. How useless. eBay is totally buyer friendly and seller unfriendly now. I only sell a few items a year – I can’t imagine the hassle major traders must face… I expect they simply have to write stuff off. Anyway, given the eBay fees, including charring a fee for postage (why?!), plus the Paypal fees this has probably done me a favour as I will now list valves on the museum site open for offers and just trade p2p. Well done Paypal, because of this eBay will not be getting any more commission from me.

Update 2/6/17 – after Paypal found in my favour and put the funds back the buyer changed the appeal to ‘not as described’. At first I though this meant the valves finally tuned up, but it seems they have not (nor will they ever thanks to the GSP) and so he has fraudulently changed it to try to get a refund via Paypal (eBay, remember, will apparently refund the buyer anyway if the item cannot be delivered so it’s not a Paypal claim even though Paypal will need to actually do the refund). So once again Paypal have left me with a negative balance but fortunately I have now stopped using it so it makes little difference to me!

Update 18/6/17 – Apparently Paypal has sent an email on the 14th that I never received and there is something now about having to wait for a refund. But I’m not waiting for a refund? So, whatever the e-mail said it was 12 days since the fraudulent claim that the item was not as described (it never arrived, ¬†remember? It got trapped by eBay). Equally annoying is that because this person took over two weeks to pay me in the first place the seller bill from eBay arrived before the funds. I paid that straight away of course, but because I made a payment to eBay I cannot now close my eBay account until 30 days have passed in case I do to them what this person has done to me and claim the money back!

Of course, now time has passed I am reminded just how easy it is to not have to use Paypal, given just about everything else I need to pay takes cards directly and my various subscriptions have been switched from Paypal to bank transfers.

Update 20/6/17 – Well Paypal tell me they refunded 0.00 to the buyer and have once again put the funds back into my Paypal account, meaning I was able to pay the one thing I still needed Paypal for (a club membership, but future payments can go via Direct Debit). I have removed my credit card details prior to shortly closing my Paypal account. Yes I know I will probably then want to buy something from eBay but I… will… resist!

And so my Paypal account, which I have had for a very long time now, is closed. Gone. Bye. They are apparently sorry to see me go. Hmmm…

Haltron CV8067

I just added a CV8067 to the site. This is one of a number of Haltron valves I have noticed recently on eBay where the valve just carries the CV number. All those I have noticed are in the CV8xxx range.

Now K1001 does permit this but specifically when it is “impractical, on account of physical limitations” – see here¬†(pdf) section 4.1.4. It is hard to see how a valve such as this example could not carry the full CV information. On on a subminiature valve, but not here.

The valve came in a Haltron box with no markings, and a label attached giving the CV and NSN numbers.

Looking at the valve the printing is slightly different too, as if the original Haltron marking is the original and the CV number added later. There is no obvious evidence of the civilian part number being removed, but of course it may just have been cleaned off sufficiently well as to leave no trace.


Another little sequence completed – I now have all four magnetrons from CV1475 to CV1478. These are four frequency variants and successors to CV69A-D.

I have CV69A and D too, so now need CV69B and CV69C to complete that set.

There are two other sets of four – CV1479-82 which I have already and are CV76A-D (I have CV76B and C, so need A and D, and CV1483 to 87 which are CV99A-D. I am missing CV1483, and CV99B and D.


CV1931 update

For some time I had a CV1931 on the website, the example being a 6H6 metal double diode, though not 6H6 marked. Today I got a glass CV1931, also marked 6H6GT. I never checked before but the metal one is clearly incorrectly marked.

The CV Register has three CVs in a  series: CV1929 / 6H6G, CV1930 / 6H6 and CV1931 / 6H6GT. This makes sense.

For now I’ve left the page as-was but added the glass valve.


Removed valves

I have been trimming the collection for some time now and disposing of valves which helps maintain this virtual museum and also reduces the amount of storage space needed. It also helped me finally focus on what I want to collect, rather than just anything and everything.

But someone mentioned to me a whole back that people may still want to see these. As the main pages only display what I actually own, once removed a valve’s web page is removed too.

So I have been making PDFs of the more unusual valves as I remove them and these are now held at – it is simply an automatically generated list of PDF documents, each one of which is basically the valve page saved as a PDF via Safari.