Retired after 40.5 years working in IT in academia I am a mixture of technologist and lawyer. Now finally with spare time I regularly volunteer at a heritage steam railway.

You can safely ignore the rest of this page!

Work history

1977 to 1989 electronics / computer technician:

High vacuum and high voltage systems (x-ray analytical equipment, electron microscopes); analogue and digital electronics; data communications; cabling; computer programming (mainframe, mini, micro, multiple languages in particular Cobol, Algol 60, Pascal)

1989 to 1991 research assistant:

Programming (Pascal, Fortran); data analysis; GIS programming and modelling

1991 to 2001:

Project Officer: programming; payroll analysis and forecasting

Network and Systems Manager: responsible for administrative computing infrastructure and operations team – large institution

WWW Development Manager: created first institutional website in 1992, commissioned second (and first commercially produced) in 1993.

2001 to 2018: multiple roles under the banner of ‘webmaster’:

Web server configuration; programming (PHP); analytics; data protection; intellectual property / trademarks; investigations; legal actions; legal advice; trademark acquisition and management; only member of the web team to have been there from creation to dissolution.

2018 to date:

Retired (Age 58, Summer 2018)

S&T Technician – Embsay and Bolton Abbey Steam Railway (volunteer)


Secondary education: nothing of note! (ok, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English Language ‘O’ level passes)

Further education:

1980 City and Guilds Computer Programming and Information Processing

Higher education:

2007: LL.M. Cyberlaw

2017: Ph.D. Internet Privacy

Current post-nominals: LL.M., Ph.D., MBCS, MIET, MIEEE, F.Inst.Pa



Member of the Chartered Institute for IT (BCS)

Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET [was IEE])

Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

Ancient professional qualifications: (!)

Certified NetWare Administrator (NetWare 4, 1996)

Certified NetWare Engineer (NetWare 4, 1997)

Certified Novell Engineer (IntraNetWare, 1999)

Certified Novell Administrator (NetWare 5, 2000)

Certified Novell Engineer (NetWare 5, 2000)

Legal / Human Rights:

Fellow of the Institute of Paralegals

Friend of Liberty

Member of Amnesty UK

Member of Justice


Member of the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB)

Member of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL)

Member of the Halifax and District Amateur Radio Society (HADARS)

Member of the British Amateur Television Club (BATC)

Member of the Radio Old Timers Association (RAOTA)

Member of the G-QRP club

Member of the UK Six Metres Group (UKSMG)

Member of the UK Microwave Users Group (UKuG)

Member of AMSAT UK

Member of the British Amateur Radio Teledata Group (BARTG)

Member of the British Railways Amateur Radio Society (BRARS)

Life member of Embsay and Bolton Abbey Steam Railway

Member of the Branch Line Society

Member of the Signalling Record Society

Member of the Railway Correspondence and Travel Society

Member of the 125 Group

Affiliate member of the Institution of Railway Signal Engineers

Governor of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution

Other activities:

Trades Union Safety Representative (2005 to 2007)

Safety Officer (supplementary language school)

Motorsport Rescue operative: trained in field first aid, emergency rescue, high speed driving, fire fighting, casualty extraction and triage